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Welcome to Seventh!

Seventh is a Role Playing game system developed by Andreas Olsson and all who plays it. The system is focusing on Role Playing and Story telling where Graphics, Strategi and Combat is secondary.

The game can of course be played in any way you can imagine, on a table with maps and miniatures, or over the internet with programs such as MapTool. Most of the time, however, the game is played in a shared google document. Depending on how you choose to play it, it will emphasize different aspects of gaming.

Another focus of Seventh is creativity for all who are involved with the game and it does not matter if you are a game master or if you are a player. The world itself is constantly evolving where both the game master and the player can freely create new characters, places, concepts and backgrounds.

You are welcome to explore the different places, characters and adventures that are put up here on Obsidian Portal. We are trying our best to update as often as we can and anyone who are interested in testing a game adventure in Seventh should contact me.

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Main Page

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