Seventh - Houndsend

Torulf Weakleg Continues

This is where Torulf Weakleg continues his story. You need to read the previous post for this to make sense but I am sure it can be ejoyed anyway.

(Concentration check: 9, Intuition check: 10)

As a spontaneous burst of knowledge you know how to speak back to Hugo. The words seem to shape automatically in your mouth as you try to speak. Your intuitive knowledge about language enables you to talk back to Hugo.

“Hugo?”, I say. “What happened to you, your mother’s worried sick!”

Hugo looks relieved. He says “That is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I know she is worried about me but there is nothing I will do about it. I want you to make me a promise. Can you promise me that you will tell my mother to keep feeding me no matter what? Tell her that I am fine but that I cannot be with her for the moment. It is very important this to me” He looks at you with serious eyes waiting for an answer.

“I understand, I wouldn’t want to be without your mother’s cooking either…”, I say and think back at the mushrooms and potatoes. “I promise I’ll tell her. But is that really all you want from me?”

“That is all I want, yes” he tilts his head downwards and you think you can sense some sadness in his voice though it has a flavour of determination

“Consider it done, lad! Although I have to say…it’s one strange illness you’re suffering from. I’ve never seen the likes of it. At least you don’t have to live with a peg-leg!”

“What are you talking about” Hugo expresses as he were confused at what you said “Illness? I’m not Ill!” he replies with his eye brows crumbled. “Have a look at your leg, friend”

As you look down you see that the peg leg you had before is now replaced by the leg you had before the peg. it doesn’t feel any different but there it is none the less.

“Tell me! Do you know where you are? You don’t do you?”

”...not anymore, no…”, I tell him and put some weight on my former peg-leg.

He scans you up and down and breaths in whatever aura you have. He then smiles and says “Come with me and I’ll show you” He then streches his hand towards you signaling for you to take it

I inspect it for a moment, and say: “Where to?”

“That is what you will find out. I’ll explain more on the way. Come now”

I follow him a bit sceptical, still uncertain about my leg.

When you grab his hand you feel the ground beneath you disappearing but you stay put. When you look down to inspect you see a big black void and you can’t quite comprehend what is going on. Hugo starts to go forward but you see that he is not moving his legs. You follow him automatically with ease and you now know that you are flying. But you don’t feel that pull in your stomach as you’d expect to feel.

Hugo drags you forwards and images appears all around you. To your right you see your pegleg being used as a bat. It is a disturbing sight but it has a comical sense to it. The image fades and ahead of you another image starts to shape. It is a huge flock of birds that are flying in a formation that is making a beautiful pattern. The birds stop in mid air and forms a heart. Strange as it may seem it continues to be strange. Fireworks shoot up behind the bird heart and the background turns blue and looks like the sky. This image also fades.

Whereever you look you see blackness, but it is not the same blackness you see when you close your eyes. This blackness feels like you are in a big black room and you can see the walls. It strikes you as odd.

Hugo turns towards you “Does it make any sense as to where you are?”

“Not any more than right behind you…hopefully…”

Hugo laughs “You are an amusing guy! Close your eyes and think of something, imagine anything you like. And then before you open your eyes again hold this thought and think of it hard, as hard as you can”

I close my eyes and instinctively think about food, more specific Hugo’s mother’s cooking. But just before I open my eyes, my mind slips away and I start to think about the surrounding darkness – and how to get rid of it. I start to think about lanterns, and open my eyes.

Before you you see metal lanterns glowing with a warm yellow light. They are there for only a fraction of a second and then they disappear.

Hugo says “Now, did you actually see the what you imagined or did you only imagine that you saw?”

“I have to say, considering the circumstances, it doesn’t really matter… Hugo, please tell me what is it that you want of me?”

“If you do concider the circomstances it doesn’t really matter, that is correct. Because imagination here is the same as what you see.” Hugo continues “We are now in the Realm of the Minds. Your mind, my mind and everybody elses mind. Here you can see what is going on in all the minds in our universe, you just have to know where those memories are located of course. This realm is often defined as the fifth dimension, if you don’t mind me saying.”

Hugo seems to be enjoying hearing himself talking and so he continues “I am not ill. The only thing that has happend to me is that all my senses that works in the first three dimensions has stopped working. They have stopped working because I want so. The only senses that I have working are the senses that sense in the other dimensions. I have brought you here by my will and it is still my will that decides when your other senses will start working again. As it is now, you have no control over anything, unless your will is strong enough of course and I let you. The reason why You are here and not anyone else is because of the simple reason that you are the only one who has willed me into your mind. You allowed me to enter you mind and here we are, in the Realm of the Mind.”

He waits for the information to sink in in you and watches you with a concentrated gaze.

“I simply just want someone who can understand this and then bring back the news to my mother that I am perfectly fine but that I cannot return yet. She needs to keep feeding me and caring for me as she has done so far.”

I scratch my belly while the strange news slowly settles in my mind. I point at him and open my mouth, but close it again, only to open it yet again and ask: “Say, Hugo, are you here by your own free will?”

“Yes” the answer is short as it would tell everything. “is there anything else you would like to know while you are here? For I see it not so possible that you’ll be back”

“Hmm… I guess your mother would like to know how long you are planning to stay here…”

“The truth is that I don’t know for how long I will stay”

Please make an Intuition Check (1d10)

(I rolled an 8.)

You sense that he is not telling you everything.

I try to persuade him by telling him that I believe that his mother really misses him, and that she’d probably like to know what he’s up to.

Please make an Will Check (1d10)

(I rolled 6.)

“What I am up to?” He seems to ponder the question for a while “well I guess it doesn’t hurt telling the truth. I am looking for my dad. I am not sure if that will help my mome or not, or if she will get upset even.” he stays quite

“I see. Does she know that you’re looking for you father?”

“No she doesn’t. She doesn’t know that this is possible, I think. She doesn’t know what I know. To my mother my dad is dead but to me my dad is not dead” He says the last “dead” with a differnt tone implying that he is using dead as lack of a better word.

“Deck and…and…” – I search for the name under large gestures – “Darwin, yes, Deck and Darwin, told me about your father. I’m sorry for your loss, but don’t you think it’s better to let him go…?”

“Thank you. I can let him go but I don’t think he has went yet. Before my father died we used to go here. He had a natural talent for it and tought me since I was a little boy. He had the most beautiful imagination I have ever seen, but he always showed me how to get there. Now I can’t find it. He always told me that I should always remember his place up here and that I could always see him here if he would die. I thought he meant dying of old age but my dad was a young man and he shouldn’t have died. So, I don’t think he really died. I think he still lives…here, it is just that his body died.” He takes a breath and continues “I looked it up in books if it is possible to just let the body die and let the mind live on. I found what I was looking for and they called it the Death of the Body. It is really strange stuff. It seems like life is three fold. The mind, the body and the soul. If any of these three dies the others will die too, but as I said, I think my dad found a way to just die the Death of the Body.” “Do you understand what I mean, I don’t mean to be a bore, I just want to understand.”

“I…believe so, yes. Perhaps. No?”

I wave my hands around, and say: “Can’t you just think of him and… Like I did with the lanterns?”

“I wish I could saticefy with that, the only problem is that then it isn’t him that I see, only my memories of him. I want to see him and meet him and be with him and know what happened.”

He stops to gather himself “I will let you go now. I must warn you though, it will hurt when you get back so you might want to be prepared for the coming. Tell my mother I’ll be back as soon as I can”

After his last words you stop seeing him. He fades rapidly into nothing and left is a big black nothingness. You feel like you are in a whirlpool and you can’t get out of it. You just sink lower and lower down. Before you know it though, all your senses are turned on at the same time and it hurts…a lot.

Please roll an Endurance Check (1d10)

(I rolled 9.)

You take 1d20 damage

(I rolled 18…ouch?)

As you open your eyes bright light shines at you and all you see is a blur of faces. Sound is chaotic to you. You hear a woman worridly crying your name to see if you are OK. You are quite certain this woman is Ms Undren.

“Mr Weakleg, are you Ok? What happend?”

I gasp for air, and turn my head around as to focus on anything. “I… I made a lantern…?”



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