“At last you have arrived at the famous town of Houndsend and are standing in the middle of, what appears to be, the market district. Men and women in long and light robes walk from merchant to merchant to fetch the best price and odd pairs are discussing the latest gossip and politics. The sound volume is quite loud which makes it a bit diffifcult to distinguish what people are saying and there is a dominating smell of sweetness in the air. The sun is warming and you feel the sweat is starting to shape droplets which are about to force down your face. Maybe that is why most of the people around you are wearing elaborate garment head wear. The ground you stand on appears to be made of sand and it stretches around the city for as far as you can see. In an exotic and busy place like this, adventures are bound happen…”

Houndsends is a city located in the world of Seventh. Seventh is the working title for both the universe itself and the framework of rules.

The game is played in a shared google document where we take turns in writing. The GM sets the scene and the player(s) respond. Everything in the game is written and anyone is free to make up anything, both player and GM. This both evolves the characters and the game world automatically from both the Player’s and the GM’s perspective.

This specific campaign starts in the market district in Houndsend and the playing character gets different quests depending on what he percieves when standing in the middle of this market place. The current quest is about a man that has been sleeping for a month and noone has been able to wake him up.

If you want to know more about the background of Seventh, please head over to www.d6plus4.wordpress.com

Seventh - Houndsend