The world


The imaginary world of Seventh is constantly evolving. This imaginary world is built on views and concepts of what a world could be like and not what our world has been or are like. Anything that enters the imaginary world of Seventh needs to come from a concept of some sort, wether that be a philosophical concept or an interpretation of a practical phenomena does not really matter.


There are currently only one playable race which is the human race. There are no dwarfs and no elves and we try to keep them out of it.


Different from ou´r own world, the countries or territories are not linked together. There is currently no reason for anyone who lives in one place to know that other places in their world exists. The reason for this is because the imaginary population is built on Tribes. The tribes has so far not had a reason for why they need explore new territories and to cooperate with other parts of their world. Each tribe has their own way of dealing with life. One tribe can be based on tradition, another on renewal, another on magic, another on art, another on truth. The reason for why it is like this is because each tribe deserves their own point of view on what is important to them. This is linked back to the player who can then either identify with the different tribes or feel alienated. Either way there is always possibilities to see them from different perspectives and it is up to the player to be open for it role playing wise and up to the game master to present it in appropriate way.


The world is round and is partly made up of three dimensions: Width, Height and Depth. These three dimensions are called the First Space and is where all the humans percieve their existence. The first space is only one space of many in the multi-dimensional multiverse that Seventh is made up of. Click here to see a graphic explanation with text of the first ten dimensions.

The world

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