Torulf Weakleg


Experience level: 0

Physical Faculties%

Strength: 2

Agility: -2

Endurance: 0

Beauty: -2

Mental Faculties

Intuition: 0

Intelligence: 0

Will: 0

Wisdom: 2


Vision: 0

Hearing: 1

Taste: 0

Smell: -1

Touch (Physical feeling): 0

Clairvoyance (Remote feeling): 0


Exploration: 0

Combat: 0

Concentration: 0

Creation: 0

Divination: 0

  • Old pipe (inherited from his father)
  • Questionable tobacco (origin unknown)

Torulf comes from a long tradition of peg-legged people, starting with his great-great-great-grand father, the famous salior Peg-legged Pete Torulfson.

Torulfs peg-leg is inscribed with strange symbols that no one in his family wants to talk about. The peg-leg neither radiates magic or itch. They resemble runes.

Torulf Weakleg

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