Darwin of Houndsend

Darwin of Houndsend is a middleaged man living in the town of Houndsend.


Physical Faculties: Strength 0 Agility -2 Endurance 2 Beauty 0

Mental Faculties: Intuition 2 Intelligence 4 Will 0 Wisdom 1

Senses: Vision 0 Hearing 0 Taste 0 Smell 6 Touch 0 Clairvoyance 1

Skills: Concentratoin 4 Exploration 1 Combat 0 Creation 0 Divination 0


Darwin can often been seen around town caught up in a discussion or two. He, just as many others, has moved to Houndsend to engage in the political and phillosophical life. He wears a thin robe on his body, sandals on his feet and a hat made of the same material as his robe. Its serves the purpose of cooling the skin as it is often very warm in Houndsend.

Recently Darwin has been engaged in the moral dilemma “What is life?”, as the recent events has inevetively boiled up this fundamental question.

Darwin of Houndsend

Seventh - Houndsend anteolsson